Limited Edition Pricing

Limited Editions, Sizing & Pricing

When a photographer, estate or archive issues prints for sale, they need to determine the following:

  • Type of print (i.e. chromogenic, silver gelatin, giclee, etc.)
  • Print size
  • Limited Edition vs. Open Edition
  • Pricing

Limited Editions Vs. Open Editions

Limited Edition Prints
By declaring that an image is a being released as a Limited Edition, we are formally stating that prints of a particular size and type will only ever be printed in that specific quantity. Due to the limited nature of these prints and our unique pricing structure, they will have a tendency to increase in value.

Open Edition Prints
Open Edition prints are those that are not numbered. Further, the artist or estate can print as many prints as they desire. Due to their endless supply, open edition prints rarely, if ever, increase in value.

The Bob Bonis Archive is committed to releasing our historic photographs as strictly Limited Edition, fine art prints.
Each photograph in the Limited Edition will be hand-numbered. For example, a print numbered 18/250 means that it is print number 18, out of 250 available prints in that size and substrate. The Archive may also print a small number of Artist’s Proofs, which are sometimes referred to as A/P prints. The maximum number of A/P prints to be printed is 10% of the edition size. A/P prints are never offered for sale, and will be used by the Archive to gift to friends, family, museums, etc.

Once an edition sells out, we will never print that edition again. We may elect to issue an image in a significantly different size or substrate, but we will never print beyond the declared edition size. Maintaining this discipline is a legally binding obligation that we respect.


Currently, each photograph will be available in the following editions/sizes:

  • 11″ x 14″ (image size 8″ x 12″) in an edition of only 250 prints
  • 16″ x 20″ (image size 12″ x 18″) in an edition of only 75 prints
  • 20″ x 24″ (image size 15″ x 22″) in an edition of only 50 prints


The Bob Bonis Archive is committed to “Art Accessibility”. To make this historic artwork accessible to both fans and collectors alike, we’ve started the pricing for each edition significantly below the typical market price for Limited Edition fine-art photographs. However, as the edition sells down, the prices will increase.

Once a specified percentage of an edition has sold, the price for the remaining prints will increase. By way of example, after the first 50 of the 250 available prints in the 11″ x 14″ edition have sold, the price will increase from $175 to $200. The same logic will be applied to each edition of prints available through The Bob Bonis Archive.


Prints will be hand numbered in an ascending order. By way of example, the first person to purchase a 11″x14″ print will receive print #1 of 250, the second person to purchase a 11″ x 14″ of the same print will receive print #2 of 250, and so on. The same methodology is applied to both 16″ x 20″ prints and 20″ x 24″ prints.

We hope that the preceding information has been helpful. As always, please feel free to CONTACT US with any questions you may have.